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Originally Posted by Ms Sunny View Post
They are withholding meds? Thatís outrageous.
The mobility part is a process. He needs to sign up for sick call, and tell them him medical issues. Itís all slow. But if he needs PT there is a facility that men travel to in that hub for it. But he needs to sign up for sick call. Nothing happens unless he makes it happen. Unfortunately, youíre not going to change anything unless he updates you on certain things.

If he doesnít share what accommodations he has or doesnít have. Is his ankle in need of a brace? Each thing should be addressed individually. What did medical dept say when he asked for brace? Did he grieve no meds? Like I said, GH has a specific ADA unit. What is he having problems with?
Iím not trying to make you angry, but HE has responsibilities and avenues to follow. It is not easy to hear his heartache, but family carries a big burden. But there are avenues that he CAN do to help remedy, and until he does these things, all your concerns are like spitting in the wind. He also has a counselor, a senior counselor, a Dep and he can write. They will also advise him of avenues to take. Sometimes itís just easier to pass it on to loved ones, but that is very unfair.
I work with these grown men every day, and you have no idea how many times I tell them to stop making the family suffer and put your pen to paper!!
As a mother I get it, but my view from the inside is the reality. You can only carry so much.

Thanks for the reply Ms Sunny. I totally hear you on the advocating for himself. He is good at that and has put in so many med slips to get things dealt with here and at the previous spots. Every facility is so different on what it takes to move issues. Some things unfortunately they choose to downplay or outright ignore.

He has made progress in that they moved him to the block that is specifically for medical needs. He is back on his meds. No accommodations whatsoever for his ankle. If they would just get him a way to stabilize the injury and a cane or something to walk with he'd be able to do simple things like get to the chow hall for meals. When we visited him yesterday, he hadn't eaten a proper meal in a week. Don't know why they just can't listen on his inability to get around.
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