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HI and Welcome to PTO. Many people get a burner phone with the area code and 1st 3 numbers of the region of the prison. That way your son will not have to pay long distance. Depending on who your current cell provider is, you might add a burner phone with the same number as your son, or change your number of your primary phone to his region. I'm know nothing about Pigeonly, but it is ridiculous that they have cost you money. I think you can get a pre-paid MasterCard at the grocery store which would inhibit their interference with your main account. But it sounds like you should dump them. If you are a senior citizen, you might find that ATT has a special rate for you.

I'm not sure why no one has answered you, but I'm sure someone with more experience will. It might help if you identify the facility that your son is in, it's not necessary, but it might help.

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