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Originally Posted by safran View Post
I think the BoP AND other inmates would see this as giving an inmate some authority.

I can see the inmate waiting for the phone getting testy when told they had to wait - inmates can be hostile when given orders. Not all, but some and with nerves on edge I fear that risk is higher.

Phone calls and emails are not a right; they are deemed a privilege and while I know first hand about not having them I can easily see how they both might be a source of contamination.

I’m not saying it’s fun, easy or right - I’m saying do agree it is a quick reduction in avoiding spreading and right now I think that’s vital.

To avoid spreading of the virus is one thing, but keeping the mental health and status quo of inmates is another. And keeping that open communication with their families and loved ones helps with that mental health. The way that the bop is handling this whole virus epidemic will eventually cause the inmates to revolt. You can't keep taking things away from these people without expecting some sort of repercussions.
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