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Originally Posted by nancyginnm View Post
This is correct. The only thing I would add is to take a $5 bill to purchase the card. Some think you can use ones or twenties but no can do. During the weekend food goes pretty fast so I would get all the food you think he would want right when you get there. If you have a special visit during the week, you can assume that the machines are (90% empty. When they do stock, the food is actually decent (compared to other facilities) but VERY overpriced. You can plan on spending $6 per item.

If your concerned with him missing chow for the visit, you may want to tell him to eat breakfast before the visit.

Also, this facility is VERY strict on the dress code. I'd make sure you read and re-read the rules. Also ALWAYS take a change of clothing just in case.

I am hopefully visiting a loved one for the first time at Territorial in July (flying in with his family from Pennsylvania). I'm a bit a of a wreck stressing out, absolutely no experience! I don't want to accidentally stir the pot! I was planning on wearing a conservative shift dress with a jean jacket over it . . If it is like barely touching my knee etc., how strict?
We have been friends since high school, even senior prom together . . But I still haven't seen him in person in almost 10 years
All advice is more appreciate than I can express!!
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