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Default JPay restricted account

Hello, I have a loved one in prison, well, my significant other, and we communicate through JPay, as I'm living in the UK (for now), its the easiest way to communicate with each other. Well, something weird has happened and I tried Googling about it but found no answers, so I thought I'd come onto here to talk about it. I'm not quite sure where to start, so sorry if some of this seems irrelevant. Wednesday and Thursday are his days off work. I messaged him on Wednesday, and waited all day for a reply. Eventually I got one from him which was like "no message today huh? I wonder what you've been up to" and that he'd hoped that we could message back and forth because it was his day off. I replied and apologised that he hadn't received my previous message and explained that I had sent one and it should get to him soon, and that the day after we could message back and forth. I sent him a message the next morning, and he replied (also saying in the reply he had received the message that hadn't got through to him from the day before). I sent several more that day and he didn't reply, which is unlike him, keep in mind its his day off and he has a JP5 also. I also sent a video gram, showing him letters I'd received from pen friends (just regular people on the outs) I still hadn't received a message when I woke up the next morning, so I messaged him saying I was a little worried and that I hoped to hear back from him soon. Later on in the day, yesterday, I got an email saying my videogram had been censored. It said reason: other, comments: letter contents. 1) the letters were completely innocent, and 2) you can barely see the writing anyway as the JPay quality is obviously low. The only thing I can think of is that I showed the envelopes because they were pretty and had stickers on. Maybe its to do with showing the addresses I don't know. I tried to message him later on in the day as I hadn't heard from him in over a day which (apart from on weekends when the messages take longer to get to you, they usually get to you the Monday or Tuesday afterwards depending on how long they are) is unusual, and this is what came up, and still comes up: "You are currently restricted from sending communications to this contact. If you have questions, you can contact JPay Customer Support at (their customer support number)". I am really upset and worried by this, does anyone know about these restrictions, and if so does anyone know if they're permanent or temporary? I tried adding one of his friends in the prison, and the same message came up. I made another account with a fake name (a joke name that he knows is me but is a real life name) and acted like I was someone who knew him who was passing on messages on my behalf. I sent him a message on that account last night, but I don't know if 1) he's even received it, 2) if he's replied if he has received it, which if he has I haven't got because of the weekend probably and 3) if the same people in the mail room read the same inmates messages, because if so, they might know the fake account is me from previous messages on my original account joking about me with that name. I can still write messages on that account, (the joke one) so everything seems fine on there so far. I just don't want to have to write him pretending to be someone else. And the messages are obviously very important to me on the original account. I can still read my sent messages and inbox messages, so it's not like they've completely blocked off my account. I have had a message, a couple pictures and a video gram (apart from the letter videogram) censored before and he's had a message be censored, so maybe it was caused by having too many things censored. If anyone has been through this or has any answers, it would be much appreciated. Is this temporary? Would I be able to still talk to him as me on a different account with my name, or will the prison cut contact between us completely? I did try ringing customer support yesterday but it said expect to be on hold for a very long time, so I hung up as its costing me as an international call. I emailed customer support after that, but have had no reply yet. Any help or answers would be super appreciated.
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