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Default Sound like an early release scam?

I am reaching out to this forum as a concerned parent of an incarcerated loved one. I have reason to suspect my son may be falling for an early release scam(e.g. has information that might earn him some time and wishes to contact 1 of 2 lawyers' names provided for advice on how to pursue). However, it is unclear how I might confirm this suspicion. I am not sure how to go about getting help confirming that this could be a scam in one form or another. My son was not convinced by my saying simply 'this sounds like a scam' and is pressing me to put money on his books to pay toward a retainer fee. I have researched both lawyers. One is registered with the Bar Association of that state. The other is not and only has a website listed with other apparently legitimate lawyers listed with the Bar Association. Another fact of interest is that neither lawyer is located in the same state as where my son is incarcerated nor does my son have any dealings with the state in question. I just find it all so incredible.
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