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Another update again sorry for all the updates, his prison got back to me on the email and left a phone number for me to ring, so I did and they said I’ve done nothing wrong, rules to do with him is apparently the reason that my JPay is restricted for now, whatever that means. It is temporary but it’s probably gonna be for a long while. But they said I can still send regular mail. So snail mail it is I guess. Why do they have to have certain rules for him? So annoying. I know I didn’t help any of this but they said I did nothing wrong so that is sort of comforting to hear in a way. It will be resolved in the future I think but for now snail mail it is, because of whatever his rules are? Weird. Ugh he’s just a human being why can’t they treat him like one, incarcerated or not. Anyway thanks so much to everyone who left a reply, it really helped me out.
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