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Default prison wedding

ok girls. i gotcha. i got married in 2009 in the visiting room of Madison Correctional in London,ohio. here's how i did it. first i had to write a letter to the prison's chaplain asking permission to get married. he said it was the most beautiful request he's ever gotten...just byt the way...haha! then on ce he gave his approival, he sent a letter to the warden. i took our info to the local courthouse for our marriage liscense. they gave me the oath, and had me signed my papers there. then they mailed it to london. a special deputy took it out to my husband. at that time he took the oath and signed his papers. i picked the liscense up in my town when it was ready. i had to find my own minister to perform our vows. i found onein columbus. he charged me $75. the chaplain set a date for us. the minister metme at the prison. my mother and daughter were there along with his mother as his witness. we were wed in the children's area of the visiting room. i only got to stay for a regular visit tho, afterwards. yep, no conjugals in ohio ladies. any other questions, hit me up.
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