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Default federal halfway house

From what I am reading on a few post's, is it that usually you can only go to a halfway house for the last 10% of your sentence? Or is it the last 6 months of your sentence? OR is it whenever they feel like doing the transfer paperwork? Doe's it depend on your crime? What are the determining factors? I have read on a few posts when I followed the dates and it seems some are going before the actual 10% mark? I am being sent to a LOVELY detention center over 600 miles away instead of actual federal prison closer to home and I am wonder if that is because my crime level is so low, that I will be transfer to a halway house at the 6 months remaining mark? The probation officer told my lawyer I would be able to be moved for the remaining 4 months of my sentence? Where he came up with that figure (4 months) I have no idea. But at any rate any info or input would be appreciated.....
P.S......Fed-X, You have no idea how much this web site has helped me out with info in the last few weeks.....Thank You!!!!! Also much thanks to the people who are on this sight that are very knowledgable and willing to help to make this ugly situation that I am facing into a much easier time....Again, Thank You to all whom have helped......
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