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Hi, my husband recently asked many of the same questions you've written. So I've been hunting for answers. One very good read is PS 7300.09 Community Corrections Manual which can be downloaded via Acrobat Reader. It is published by the US Department of Justice. Tells you all you ever wanted to know about who, what, how, when , where, and why's the halfway houses are supposed to abide by. On the time line, the BOP's interpretation of 10% means 10% of your time served not the time sentenced or six months whichever is less; however, I found a case sited here in which the federal judge rendering the sentence specified the distribution of time sentenced to x amount of incarceration in a facility and x amount in a halfway house. This was considered a departure in sentencing but binding. Halfway houses can be utilized for MORE than the 10% which the BOP policy is ultilizing. I read an article
by someone in the justice system encouraging them to be used to a greater extent.
For CCC directory briefs go to the BOP site and do a search for CCC. There are several memos on it written by the current director to CCC directors. Hope this helps.
Oh, to my knowledge offender category doesn't have as much to do with placement as flight risk or so it is for facility assignment. Hope some of this helps you. Best wishes wherever your federal tour takes you and in life beyond this BOP time. ~ WJ
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