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Activities also include guitar class, poured ceramics you paint, card making, crochet & knitting, crochet project (very rewarding -- make things for the poor who live nearby), weaving (loom), spin class, Pilates, basketball, volleyball, soccer, step classes, mixed aerobic/strength challenge, rope skipping, hula hoops, treadmills, exercise bikes, stepper, elliptical, yoga (several levels and types), meditation, beading. There's a single violin but getting practice time is difficult, typing, resume, weight management. Sometimes you can teach a class, too. There are card and board game tournaments and bingo from time to time. There are weekly movies shown several times over the weekend and special movie nights on the big screen at the rec. If you want good exercise, just go up and down the New Halleluia Hill a few times. You will get exercise as it's a mile down and up a mountain round trip for meals, laundry, commissary, mailroom, education, admin, etc., although they were building a new commissary up the hill when I left.
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