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Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
Regarding public outcry, are there any links to read about that? I've been wondering about opposition to this bill. Skinner earlier indicated she's been working with the DAs' association to reach some compromises on their objections...

I do not have any links . What I am basing this out cry information on is from what is on the TV news, news papers, and comments of concern coming in to
our legislators offices. I hear a lot of this stuff standing in the halls during hearing recess, and from aids I attend other hearings that do not pertain to judicial issues.
I also am involved in the fight of the California farmer. Whom if we don't start taking better care of we will be seeing empty shelves in our grocery stores. A lot of hard work goes in to what is at the grocery store. The American farmer is the only business person that pays retail price for everything he/she needs to run the farm business, but must shell their product at wholesale prices or less
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