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Originally Posted by jordan321 View Post
Depending on his requests, you can probably count on them not being granted, but i guess that would also depend on your judge.

For me, he requested I bring baby girl to visitation at least once a month, that got denied due to, how is it fair to force a child into that environment , as well as if he can't pay it's not fair to put it on the mother to pay.

As well as phone calls, he requested I pay for all phone calls, which again the judge said no, im raising the baby i should not have to pay for another thing as well.

He also requested i sent updates to his family, i told the judge if they want to know about baby girl they can always message me, i shouldn't have to go out of my way to inform people about her, the judge agreed.

Those are probably the biggest requests he could have. Which i see you sending letters & pictures is the way it might go. It's not to bad, and only costs about $1 a month

After how today went, I can't see this judge granting his requests. I'm thinking they were related to visitation once he's released, anyway. I'm hoping he won't want to deal with the court system on his own, especially once he's released and no longer court appointed an affordable attorney. But if they're more along the lines of the requests your ex made.. I already give him updates after doctor appointments. I have been sending photos, and he can put money on his own phone account. He works inside.

My sister-in-law told me her brother supervised visitation at Chuck E. Cheese, because they stamp you and your child's hands with matching numbers, so no one should be able to abscond with your child. I haven't been to one in close to twenty years.. lol. Financially, I can't swing supervision via a social worker and the facility I had in mind has a rather long waiting list. So, I'm willing to offer him this, and if he refuses, I'll direct him to the J&D court.
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