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Originally Posted by Gardis.Girl13 View Post
I've been reading through this and something that caught my attention is that you have mentioned twice now that he has his best friend that is giving you updates. Honestly that right there shows that your ex is not alone. He has someone to talk to that isn't you. Not to sound harsh because it's not my intention, but what do you provide your ex that the best friend can't? And keep reminding yourself that most parents don't cut ties with their kids for no good reason. Honestly I'd stick with the advice given here and remind yourself that you are a good person that has accomplished great things and your absolutely deserve a partner that is on your level. Your ex is not on your level. Personally, I'd stop talking to his best friend too. You don't need the temptation to ask how your ex is doing and his best friend doesn't need to help with your ex's guilt trips. Walk away from ALL of it.
I was thinking the same thing. He will use the best friend to get to you. I would block the friend as well. If you don't block him, he will just keep trying to suck you back in and eventually during a weak moment you will cave. It is obvious you care about him, but honey, you need to put yourself #1. And, there is no reason to feel guilty about putting yourself first for a change.

There are great guys out there. Guys who won't make you feel like crap. Guys who won't tell you that it is your job to support them. Guys you don't need to be co-dependent on.

As parents, we all love our children. There is no love like it. But even his father is telling you he is toxic. I can only imagine how hard it is on the father to cut him off. They must know that's the only way they can give him some sort of help.

Some ways to get your mind off of him, just get out of your house, make yourself busy, go to movies, try a new sport. Anything that just keeps your mind off of him.

Good luck!!
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