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Default Washington State Ombuds bills in committee now

This would create an office outside the DOC with power to investigate the DOC that could take complaints from loved ones on the outside. Also, within limits, the ombuds office could investigate problems reported by DOC employees.

There are two bills to do it, one in the Senate and one in the House. For more information, see

You might have a Representative or Senator on one of the relevant committees. This link lets you look up your legislators:

If you're in Spokane then your state Senator, Sen. Padden, is chairman of the committee studying it.

Or you could let the 800 number operators look it up for you. You can call 800-562-6000 and leave one message that will go to both of your Representatives and to your Senator.

Ask your legislators flat out to vote "yes" or to vote "no" depending on whether you think it's a good or a bad idea. Have the bill numbers handy, 5465 for the Senate and 1889 for the House. If you have a personal story to tell them, it makes your call or email more powerful.

Move fast. If it doesn't get out of committee by Feb. 17 it's dead for the session if I understand the calendar right.

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