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Today's situation is that there's a new bill number, SB 5952. The thing that needs work is getting it to an up-or-down floor vote in the House. That's up to House Speaker Frank Chopp.

Chopp is from the 43d District and his phone number is (360) 786 - 7920[moderators, is it kosher to post contact information if it's for a public official?]. The 43d District "covers parts of Seattle, specifically Downtown, First Hill, Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Washington Park, Madison Park, Eastlake, Montlake, Portage Bay, Wallingford, Fremont, the University District (including the UW campus), Green Lake and parts of Phinney Ridge and Ravenna."

There have been several amendments and additions to the bill but it still says the key things about the purpose. The advisory committee looks like it's changed: it's now including two former DOC employees plus a current DOC chaplain plus DOC's internal "ombuds" on top of the outside corrections expert and bargaining unit representative in previous versions.

It requires at least starting the internal grievance process first. The ombuds can come in immediately if it's a bodily harm issue, or after 90 days if the grievance is still going through channels.

Facility access is now "reasonable" rather than on demand.

Hmm -- if I read it right it doesn't cover community supervision. "Physical custody" only. Makes sense I guess.

People who read things before they decide, like WA CCO, can read the full text at

Call or email Frank Chopp if you believe the bill deserves to have the House decide whether it's a good idea.
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