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Originally Posted by mom6868 View Post
Good to hear from you! Things are going pretty well with my son lately so it's a little less worrisome. He has a cellmate now that he gets along with pretty well which helps. We have also talked about the fact that he thinks it had to come to this for him to decide to change his life. We are strong believers of God's plan too. The holidays are harder, but I try to keep it all in perspective. It's been a year now since the incident that put him where he is and he's come so far since then. I'm hoping they're paying more attention to keeping things under control at Crowley. Saying a prayer for you and your son, Phoenix. God bless you both.
Thank You for the prayers he is doing well and has a great friend in there too, I just miss him so much I can only visit him once a year because I’m in another state that is whats so hard If we still lived there I would visit every week he would get tired of me lol . I am so glad your son is doing better its nice when they find someone that are shooting for the same goals it makes it so much easier. My son said the same thing about having to come to this to change his life, sometimes they need to reach that point in their life to open a reality check and know they need to move forward in their life to be successful and having friends with the same goal is a blessing God has put in front of them to help ease their journey. I hope they keep things under control In that facility as well man it gets crazy in there. Saying a prayer for you and your son to that he continues to be strong and for the encouragement you give him. God Bless you both
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