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Originally Posted by somom View Post
Great advice, CDOCoffender. My son applied for ComCor & decided not to bother working towards anything else in Crowley (incentive unit, education, etc) because he was counting on ComCor. He was denied & pretty let down but is now applying again in a different area. Hoping he works toward a backup plan too this time.
I hope that he is accepted to the new area but even if he is not be sure to tell him to talk to his case manager and figure out what he will need to do to reapply again in 6 months. Just because comcor denied you once does not mean that they will not take you the next time. I was denied one time and accepted the next time I applied to that same facility. Some times Comcor just wants to see a little bit more time in custody just like parole so what he will need to do is work with his case manager and they will set a goal for him to complete some kind of program and after he has completed that program and let 6 months go by he will be able to apply again.
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