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Originally Posted by somom View Post
Weíre hoping heíll be re-evaluated in Feb/March & maybe go to a minimum security. They told him in DRDC that they would do that. He hasnít gotten in any trouble, does his job & stays away from the gangs so Iím hoping that happens. Not holding my breath, but hoping.
The classification system is based upon how many points you have. I have a copy of my last classification here somewhere, tomorrow Ill try to find it and ill post all of the information from it so you can see where he can improve his classification and drop some points. Half of your points come from things that cannot be changed by doing good and working hard! Things like your age, your crime, and your social history.

I can tell you that you should not get your hopes up that your son will go from Crowley to a minimum because that will not happen. You cannot leave Crowley for a minimum camp, first he will be classified into an MR which will be a state facility then from there he can work his way towards a camp however even when his points hit a minimum status the wait list is long and most people going into a minimum have negative points. The really shitty thing about being in a private prison is that a lot of times you will end up at CMRC (Cheyenne Mountain Re-entry Center) which is about the worst facility in the entire system. It is constant fighting and the program sucks. They take away all of your comforts including appliances and canteen. In every meeting I had with my case manager I made sure that she was very clear that I did not want to go there and tried to make her understand that I would not comply if sent there so she would be hurting my chance to go home to my kids. Luckily I never ended up in that hell.

I will try to get a copy of the classification up as soon as I can tomorrow so that you can take a look at it. Your son should have a copy of his but if he doesn't he can send a kite to his case manager requesting a copy so that he can see where he will end up with points when he is re-classed in March.
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