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Originally Posted by kpwise509 View Post
I was just sentenced to 24 months minimum mandatory and also another 6 months consecutive for the other charge. I was lucky to get self surrender. Judge did recommend Sheridan as i asked. I am pretty positive with the self surrender i will have camp points. I am prescribed buprenorphine and wonder if the recent ACLU lawsuits will help me with that. Hoping for RDAP but either way i will work, learn, and get into shape physically and try to make the best of my time.
This will sound funny but congratulations on being sentenced... it's a step forward and gets you out of the "unknown." All I will say about SS is be prepared. My husband was sentenced July 1st. We were told we would probably hear something 4-6 weeks later and would have time to get to where he was going and plenty of notice. Thankfully we did a few things around the house that I wanted done before he left. He received a call on August 12th (a Monday) that he had until the close of day the following day to be in Arkansas (6 hours away) and that he was actually supposed to have reported on the Friday before. "Miscommunication" was blamed for the mess up. At least he was on house arrest during that time so they couldn't say they didn't know where he was.

I will say be prepared to not immediately have medications available. My husband was documented with bi-polar and took daily medication, something he was not allowed to take with him. It took 3 weeks before he was back on his medication. When it comes to the federal system they use the relative term "in a timely manner" and their "timely manner" is no where close to what you and I believe to bee a "timely manner."

Good luck moving forward.
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