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Shelby, it sounds like you've had a distressing event happen to your loved one. It might be helpful to know what the circumstances were/are.

I'd also like to gently point out that PTO's posting guidelines are very clear:
Police/Correctional Officer Bashing
While we encourage full disclosure, investigation and the sharing of relevant information relating to abuses by institutional staff (management, guards, jailers, CO’s,etc), blatant and unprovoked bashing of these people is not allowed. Please also refrain from derogatory name calling.
It doesn't read entirely as if you're CO bashing; to me it reads more that you're extremely frustrated and angry. I'd like to point out that WA_CCO has been nothing but helpful in posting here, and I think we'd lose a very valuable asset were they to stop posting due to hostile interactions with other members.

That all said, I don't know what the "rules" are for the use of Pepper Spray, but believe it is up to the discretion of the officer(s) at the scene. The spray is dyed hunter orange to allow everyone (inmates and CO's alike) to get medical attention if they've been hit.

No, it's not good for a person to be hit with it. Yes, they use a higher grade than is available to the public (what's available to the public is also not dyed orange). This is still preferable to someone dying or getting maimed in the fracas, which is how it used to be before the advent of pepper spray. The CO's have to have tried alternate means of de-escalating the situation prior to reaching for the spray. This much I know. And after, all people in the vicinity who have either been hit by it or are experiencing ill effects are supposed to get seen by medical to address the problem. If medical is refusing to see someone to either decontaminate or address physical duress (like breathing difficulties), then that falls to medical.

Personally, I would much rather have CO's armed with pepper spray than armed with guns again, like it was in the old days. Both for the bystander inmates and for the CO's. Is it humane? Well, not really, no. Is it better than killing someone? Yes.

I do hope WA_CCO will see and answer your question. It is good information to have, especially for new people entering the system, so that their loved ones on the outside can let them know what to look out for.
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