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Originally Posted by moundsville View Post
Hey Bonnie- Thank you for responding. The time frame fits, 70's were a brutal time in that place. Hard to imagine someone that young having to do time in there. My brother escaped three times from inside the walls. He and Johnny Verton were the ones who escaped from the Alamo (North Hall Seg) through a tunnel in 1979. Inbetween escapes, Donald spent much of his time running a bookie operation, mostly for bets on football games.

Searching through the DOC locator, I've found a few old timers but not many. Shorty Brewster, Ronald Williams, but that's about all the ones I recognized by name. I'm sure there are others. Also found James Worthington, one of Donald's escape partners, on the Federal Prison locator.

Anyway, Donald is doing time in Connecticut, and I live in San Francisco. So it takes a few weeks for us to pass information back and forth, but I will definitley pass the information about Ronald onto Donald. Thanks again.

PS: MY brother's full name is Donald Williamson.

I am looking for information on a guy names Curtis Renforth who was in Moundsville Pen and Im not sure if his nickname was from there or just the family but he went by slufoot. I am doing a family history and wanted to know if anyone had any info or knew him. thanks
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