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The following information was shared by dad2008 on 4/13/2008 in order to update the info on R C & G and make it easier for those who come after all of us:

Quick Reference

This info sheet is to help answer questions for individuals that are new to the process and are looking for quick information regarding their loved ones.

Finding MDOC Number
Go to
Click on “Agree” at the bottom of the page
Put in Name of Individual you are searching for
· MDOC Number is on the top right hand side of the page

It may take a day or two before they show up on this site after they arrive. The site is known as OTIS, Offender Tracking Information System)

Sending Mail
Mail can be sent and should be addressed as follows:

First & Last Name MDOC Number
Charles Egeler Reception & Guidance Center
3855 Cooper St.
Jackson, MI. 49201-7517

Mail can be sent to them upon their arrival and as much as you want to send.
Write often
Guidelines are at

Receiving Mail
They are given one envelope upon arrival so they can only send one letter until they purchase envelopes from the commissary (store). It takes a couple of weeks from the time they are purchased and stamped before you will start receiving anything back.

Sending Money
Can be sent immediately after arrival .
Cashiers checks and Money Orders are only accepted.
Make the Cashiers check or Money Order out to the individual with their MDOC number on it.
Fill out the rest and sign it.
Mail to the address as shown above in “Sending Mail”.
Many folks say to include the Cashiers check/Money order with a letter to the individual and mention the amount to them so they know it was put into their account.
The Cashiers check/Money Order will be removed from the envelope prior to the individual receiving it and put into their account.
Monies that were in their county account will follow them to Egeler. Also, when they are moved to another facility, their account follows.
A word of caution for sending money. If your loved one owes fines/fess/restitution, they will take from his account. I believe they are allowed to have $50.00 in their account and anything over that, they will take half. For example, they have $50.00 and you send another $150.00, then they would only get half, ($75.00) applied to their account. The other $75.00 goes to paying fines/fees/restitution. This needs verification.
Otherwise, I have heard of limits as high as $1500.00 as long as fines/fees/restitution have been taken care of, if any.
Items can be purchased from the commissary (store) using their account funds.

Sending Books
Books and such can be sent immediately after arrival.
Books can only be ordered through one of the following online vendors
Ship to the address as shown above in “Sending Mail”.
Only new books can be ordered and shipped. Some of these vendors sell used material and it is not accepted.
These items will follow them when they are moved.

While in quarantine, there is no visitation. The quarantine process involves medical, psychological and educational level testing.
It has been recommended by folks on this site to send in a visitors application even while they are still at Egeler
Go to and click on “Frequently Asked Questions”. Then click on “How Do I Visit a Prisoner”. Click on the “Visiting Application” and print it off. Also it may be a good idea to print off the “Visiting Standards” for future reference.
Fill out the application per the directions and mail to the address as shown above in “Sending Mail”.
Write “Visitor Application” on the envelope.

Initial Process (Intake)
Go to and click on “Frequently Asked Questions”. Then click on “Prisoner Intake”. This gives you an idea of what goes on while there.

Phone Calls
No phone calls are allowed until they get their PIN number for making calls. This takes 8 plus days from what I have read. Once they have a PIN, they can call. Many suggestions are available on this site for making calls a little cheaper.
Most recommend to set up an account immediately with Correctional Billing Services (CBS 800-844-6591) or This will allow them to call once they have their PIN#.
Calls are only allowed during yard time (once a day) and I am sure there is a wait to use a phone. Be patient.

**Kudos to dad2008 for sharing the updated information.


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