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I hope you realize that if you are posting your papers here, your professors may find them and accuse you of plagiarism. Naturally, you would then be able to prove that you can log in here under the user name of the original poster, and your professor is not necessarily interested in whatever else that user is saying on the forum, or if s/he is, s/he is likely to be a decent person who wishes you well. However, if you don't want to take that kind of chance, especially if you posted anything confidential or you don't want your professors to know that you have anything to do with prison, please be aware of the risk.

Professors can also say that even if the paper was indeed yours, you got too much help or, if you were not supposed to get any help whatsoever for a particular assignment, that you didn't follow the instructions. And I'm sure none of you would lift a paper off the Internet but nowadays, even if you are merely stealing an idea or rewording some existing text without making it totally unrecognizable and pass it for yours without properly quoting the source, that, too, is considered plagiarism. I didn't even know that when I was a student back in the paper age. Now, some professors got picky (I'm lurking on some educators' forum and I can't believe what passes for plagiarism nowadays). They, too, can find your source on the Internet.
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