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Default Contraband

Originally Posted by Hnpc2019 View Post
So my fiance asked me to bring k2 in a balloon in my braw so i did I dont know why because thats not him so I did and he got caught with it they asked me to leave said his visit was terminated didnt search my person or car said call Monday here it is Monday and no one will tell me anything I finally talked to someone ans they said its under investigation I'm sure he told them I had nothing to do with it it. Will we lose visits forever or just a little bit I'm grown so I know right from wrong yes dont need to hear it I did it because he would have never asked if something wasnt up and now i worry will someone retaliate ? Please help

I donít know about how Kansasís system specifically works but the reality is that he is about to lose all visits for at least a period of time. You wonít be able to visit during any investigation for sure and probably beyond that, especially if it links back to you. If he does regain visits with you expect to be heavily scrutinized from now on.

I went through something similar (except I did not bring it in) and she lost visits of any sort for an entire year. This was in California. The point is: there are consequences. He could pick up new charges. If they figure out and can prove you brought it in YOU could face charges

Retaliation from inmates is unlikely (unless he already owed a debt) because situations like this are the cost of doing business. In fact, if an inmate had it out for him, ratting him out could have been retaliation already for something else.

Donít assume you know everything about him. They all keep secrets. All of them. Especially if youíre already saying that this isnít like him.

Good luck.....

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