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Originally Posted by VBsWife View Post
To make matters worse he is being switched to that supervisor as his PO til the ankle monster comes off. This sucks already! Thank goodness its only for a couple of months with this witch! So even though he is home- now we are all in prison until all this supervision is done, the kids spend too many days emotional because their father cannot participate in a lot of activities. But it's just our way of life for now.
Keep your head up.... at least you know there is an end in site and when it is. My husband has been on house arrest for 15 months while he was out on bond and awaiting sentencing. It becomes easier as time goes on and you only have a few months so it'll be over before you know it. Worse case scenario, yes, he could possibly lose his job but he found this one WITH a bracelet.... he'll find one without it, or another if need be. Remember the worse of all of this is over and you'll find your "new normal" before you know it.
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