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Originally Posted by lktaque View Post
Just out of curiosity, did anyone here have a LO who had issues while they were at Beto Unit in 2018-present? Iím referring to questionable disciplinaries, treatment toward you or your LO, or anything that was taken to the Ombudsman?

I have a feeling Iím not the only one who has fought this battle.

Thanks in advance.
No you are not alone at all. My hubby was transferred to this unit in December of 2018 and itís been nothing but problems. Iíve contacted the Ombudsman at least 3-5 times regarding certain issues at this unit. Even when contacting the ombudsman, they fail to properly investigate these issues which is most likely why they are gunning to separate the Ombudsman and have more of an independent oversight of Texas Prisons. My hubby has been in custody of TDCJ for almost 10 years and we have never had this many issues at his past units only at Beto.
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