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Originally Posted by dtmom2013 View Post
No you're not alone! My son was held for investigation for about 3 months for nothing. The whole unit is a shit hole! Join the Beto family page on Facebook. You will see all the disgusting ways they treat our lo's. Their are some really good people trying to help the guys! No showers, no water, in this horrific heat, keeping them on lockdown all the time because they are so short staffed?! Ugh
Short staffed 😂! Me and my LO joke about this because how is this our problem or the inmates? They shouldnít be denied things with the justification being short staffed. Either get to hiring or learn how to run the unit accordingly. Short staffed should NOT ever be an excuse but it seems to be there go to excuse. My guess is people donít push these issues when given that excuse when in actuality that should be the reason to push them even more.

Iím about to go check out the Facebook page and thank you for sharing that with me. Iím interested in finding out whatís all on there.
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