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Originally Posted by WeepingWillow View Post
My husband was treated like garbage there. Put in seg when he first got there and refused a mattress, lightbulb, and spoon...was literally eating using his ID badge.

He was beaten up by 3 guards after he had some issues with a couple gang members.

Unfair disciplinary actions.

Very rarely did they ever follow the rules letting them in and out of cells when they were supposed to. He had to be prepared to stay in the day room for hours if he went out of his cell. Next to no yard time. Brown drinking water.

And gang activity was off the charts.

One side was better than the other...I cant remember...the north side? When he was in A wing it was barely tolerable. When he moved to J wing it was atrocious. Place needs to be shut down.
This just makes me sick. We dealt with some of that too with gangs and guards. Ad she was no joke and had me wanting to go to Austin not just talk and email the head of the criminal justice committee. The sad thing is at the end of the day they are still human beings and even animals have laws to protect them from treatment like this so why is it acceptable for humans to be treated like this. Absolutely disgusted.
I am glad that he eventually got moved to Coffield however they are short staffed now too and itís starting to go down hill as well.
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