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Originally Posted by richellehiswife View Post
Itís disgusting to hear how they treat our loved ones in there. Every time my husband calls, Iím afraid heís about to tell me some bad news. They are ALWAYS short staffed and overcrowded. You have 200 plus inmates in a tiny space they call the dayroom, how is that safe and ok for them? No showers, rec time and so much more. About a week ago I think, my hubby told me the power went out and they were locked in their cells sweating profusely due to no central air. Some guys that worked in the kitchen were left there yesterday and ended up kicking a door to get out. My hubby just started his job in the kitchen this past week yet no one told him what he was supposed to be doing, how or when, he just had to learn it on his own and with the help of one other inmate who knew what to do. Our loved ones donít go looking for trouble at this unit but the guards do. The guards will threaten you with a case just by asking them a simple question, it just happened yesterday with my hubby while working in the kitchen. Iím sick of this unit and TDCJ altogether.
So sorry to hear all of this but you were right when you said our LOís donít go looking for trouble but the guards do. What happened to compassion for the human race? Not only TDCJ but this whole world needs help. Itís sad that our officials canít do anything without a bill or a vote.
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