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Originally Posted by lktaque View Post
So sorry to hear all of this but you were right when you said our LOís donít go looking for trouble but the guards do. What happened to compassion for the human race? Not only TDCJ but this whole world needs help. Itís sad that our officials canít do anything without a bill or a vote.
These days there is no compassion at all for the human race. We treat animals better than we treat humans. Iíve said it before, there are laws about treating animals certain ways but you have this messed up system and all it is, is modern day slavery. Our loved ones are already paying for what they've done by being there but to do all these other disgusting things to them is not right. I wish I could do something about this but they will be held accountable and will have to pay for the wrong they do to our loved ones. But you are right it is very sad that we need a bill or vote to get things done.
Mrs. Parker
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