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Originally Posted by patchouli View Post
You misunderstood, I didn't say to not send anything ($), just not too much. Inmates with a good amount of money are often targeted because, well, because they got money

I truly hate to hear of situation like this Its so hard on the inmate and the family feels so helpless.

Have you or your son contacted Innocence Project of Florida? Here is there website:

My apologies, we did send him a one time substantial amount for the quarterly order (about $250) but we don't send that amount on the regular.

And thanks for the sympathy.

I'm now interested in that non-profit. My LO took a deal because it seemed like it was the most logical thing to do at that time, with what's at stake. So pretty much he pled guilty according to the law. But there was a separate document he signed where it said "Pled guilty because of best interest" that the lawyer made him sign. But that's probably not legally binding?

We will look in to it thanks!
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