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Originally Posted by bellisq View Post
A little more notice would have been nice, but sounds like you have it under control. One thing you can do on the drive is put together an address book, including email addresses and telephone numbers. You'll have to mail it to him, but you can do that after you drop him off, so that he'll have everything in a couple of days. Contact requires BOP approval, except for mail, so he'll need that info for making the request. Hope it's all smooth sailing until you get there.
He will be able to contact you the next day after he gets in so if he self surrenders today he wont be able to make a call till tomorrow.... But please keep in mind also, that depending on the facility he goes too they may put hi in the SHU (Special Housing Unit) for a few days cause they have to do a TB test. But not all facilities do that.. They usually do this for inmates that are coming right out of the street most others are incarcerated straight from court and are usually in a detention center, county jail, or private jail while fighting their case so they go right to a POD or a unit.
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