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i did actually contact cantiberry's office, but they routed me to some guy who just didnt believe a thing i was saying. he was very polite and professional, but he just said he would check into it. he said that my husbands accusations were very far fetched and that many times, inmates exagerate on the truth. well, i talk to my hubby everynight and see him 3 or more times a week. he still doesnt have a laundry bag, so hes running around in dirty clothes. today, some of his fellow inmates asked the guards for some bags and were told there were none. i guess the ones they had turned in with their clothes a few weeks ago just disapeared. my hubby said that in his entire block, only two guys now have a bag. i read title 95 of the wv code and it states that the inmates are to be given clean clothes everyday. they tried to write my hubby up for taking bar soap and crushing it into an old shampoo bottle with water for to wash their clothes. they said it was contraband and misuse of state property. of course, the hearing officer threw it out. my hubby has had somehthing wrong with his ear for over a month. he is completely deaf on the left now. they arent doing nothing. he sees some indian doctor who really doesnt know crap. there are just so many rules that the regional jails break. its like the wv code doesnt matter and no one is willing to stand up for it. like the overcrowding. title 95 clearly states how much space each inmate is to have and that beds are to be off the ground. that doesnt mean they can put a mattress on the floor. where is the law that says they can? who is fighting for the wv code? the state puts these rules into effect and then when the jails dont honor them, the leaders of our state do nothing. i would think that someone out there would care enough about their job and the time they spent writing these laws to do something about it. to them, criminals are just criminals, like they dont matter. well, criminals have feelings, mothers, spouses, and kids. its just so bothersome. my husband was just 18 when his buddy went into a house and robbed a man of $30.00 in change. so stupid. is it worth a 2-30 years sentence that cant ever be gone? people change, they grow up. my man is 26, has a wife and kids now. he works and supports us. he is not the young boy who made a mistake. but back to the jail is just awfull. the jail authorities just think they can do anything, and they really can, pretty much. and to people like me, with low income and cannot afford an attorney, its hard to push for things to be corrected. i have written to the govenor several times and have gotten no response. we have files compalints with the higher courts and the judge who had origionally sentenced my hubby. anyway, thanks for everyones help. this site is really a life savor. its great to come online and be helped while helping others. i like to be able to get out my frustrations to people who understand.
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