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Default How/where to register to receive calls from a MN inmate?

First, please allow me to apologize in advance for asking what may likely be viewed as a silly and/or unnecessary question.

I joined a prison pen-pal program nearly a year ago and have become quite good friends with a few of the folks that I am corresponding with. One of my pals is incarcerated at Faribault. It seems as though most prisons use Telmate for inmate calls, which is the only system I've used so far when chatting with my pals. It is also the only system I am at all familiar with.

I would like to receive a call from my somewhat new pal in Minnesota, but cannot locate much information on the state's DOC site regarding the protocol for doing so. Can anyone explain to me the required steps to register to receive phone calls from him and provide information regarding the telephone system used in Minnesota prisons? I would ask my pal, but he is quite elderly and is having a harder and harder time writing at length these days.

Any information would be very appreciated. I've used this site before regarding questions/issues with prisons in other states and have found that the folks posting here often possess much more information than even those working for the DOC.

Again, I am sorry for posing what may seem a common sense or silly question. Thank you for your time.
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