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Willard and shock are 2 different programs I have never been but my mans sister was in shock and my ex went to shock and his best friend went to Willard. I was around for all of them. Although I do not have personal stories I do know what they told me. There experiences may be very different from your friend- they are all drug dealer offenders without substance abuse issues. I can tell you that all 3 have stayed out of prison and have gotten there lives together since completing the programs. My mans sister said it was really hard to have very little contact with her kids. They only get calls for 15 min every other week. The groups were eye opening. She really saw the struggles the addicted women were going through and it made her not want to deal anymore. My ex learned s lot from the programs in shock. They helped to turn him into a better person he's now a much better father. He too said it really hard he wanted to give up so many times. He had to eat standing up he was yelled at all the time it's really like boot camp only they are prisoners. I think the main difference with shock and Willard is Willard is like 97 days and shock is 6 months
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