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Originally Posted by kronikenergy View Post
just spent 6 years in NJDOC custody. If anyone has any questions pertaining to NJ prisons etc. I will be glad to try and help. Maybe by helping others one good thing could come out of this

How's it going? I'm currently waiting to get sentenced to a 1-3 for Assault Rifle Possession (3 with a 1 year minimum for parole eligibility), and a 3 flat (no mandatory minimum for parole eligibility) for Terroristic Threats, both run concurrent.

I've done 4 years in Virginia; unfortunately no newbie to prison...But I do have a couple questions about how things are run in NJ. My sentence will begin on April 28th of this year. I served 2 & 1/2 months in Camden County Jail before bailing out. My questions are as follows:

1.) What's the average you've seen inmates serve on 3-with-a-1 (1-3) sentences? What about 3 flat sentences? How much of it is in prison, how much is in a Halfway house?

2.) With a parole eligible sentence, is it ABSOLUTELY certain that an inmate has to go to a HWH, or can one be paroled straight from DOC to home?

3.) Is it common/uncommon to make parole at the minimum release date? A friend told me most people with 1-3 do 18 months. Have you seen any cases where people have done the minimum & been released?

4.) How lenient is NJs parole board? What percentage of eligible inmates actually make parole? In VA parole is outlawed, (unless sentenced before 1993) so I'm trying to avoid an interstate compact to transfer to VA to complete my sentence & deal with their board.

5.) I'm a VA resident. Have never lived in NJ a day in my life. Is it possible to do my bid & parole out without having an INTERSTATE COMPACT transfer me back to VA? Ideally, I'd like to serve my sentence in NJ, and if given parole, transfer it to the office in my residential county in VA near the end of my sentence, or when I get out. Is this possible?

6.) Also, that one year of minimum parole eligibility...Does 85% apply to that, or no?

Meaning. do I have to serve a full 365 days until I'm eligible for parole, or will it be roughly 10 months & change before I'm eligible. I have 2 & 12 months in, so I'm trying to calculate before I get to CRAF a rough window for my earliest release. Thanks.

Thanks for any & all info. Peace.

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