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Originally Posted by elliegirl View Post
I read somewhere that you are in a cell with one other person for 23 hours. Is that what you mean by rough? Is it more dangerous than county jail?

I did my entire sentence housed at CRAF (they keep a very small work unit there to run the facility), so I'll try and help you as much as I can.

What kronik means by rough is that the conditions aren't great. It is a very old facility (built in 1901 and not really updated at all). Neither county jail or prison is really dangerous at all (unless you look for trouble), but I didn't find CRAF to be dangerous - just really really boring. And kronik is 100% right about it being a culture shock when you first get there. Also a first time offender, I was completely blown away by what I saw when I got there. Just really old, really dirty and really primitive. While you are intake (which is usually no more than 2-3 days), you are in your cell with your bunkie for 24 hours a day. Nothing is permitted in these cells (with the exception of your net bag with the clothes and linens they give you when you first get there). You eat all of your meals in the cell. You are permitted to take a bible or other holy book with you from county, but that too may get taken, depending on the officer that is escorting you (although it's against the law). After being in intake, you will be transferred to another section of CRAF while you are waiting to be classified to a prison. While you are on that tier, you are locked down in your cell with your bunker 23 hours a day and you are allowed out for 1 hour to shower, make phone calls or just relax. Every third day he will have yard for an hour as well. He will also be called constantly to go to different parts of the facility for intake procedures (medical clinic, social workers, education dept, etc...) so that will allow him so other time out of his cell. If he is tbere long enough, he can order commissary but as kronik said, it's only for cosmetics and he has a money limit he can spend on them (I believe it was $25 but don't quote me on that). As a permanent inmate there, I was allowed to order the standard commissary but even that was ridiculously small. Wherever he goes will be better than CRAF!

I know it's a hard time for you right now but it will get better!! You have to trust us with this.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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