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Default Sex offender parole in Alabama

A guy I met in Easterling who was in there for rape made parole after ..15 years, I think. But, they need a home plan.

He's written me, asking me for help - but I certainly can't be of much help to him. He says he needs help with a hotel - but that doesn't make sense to me. Seems if he got out on parole, they would only release him if he had a place to stay. I can help him a little - but I certainly can't have him stay with me, and I certainly can't afford to subsidize him for a month until he gets a job and gets cash flow.

If anyone has any insights on how this gets handled, and what hoops are waiting for him, I'd appreciate it.

I would think, if he could, he'd do better in California. His mother is older, but she's there and Cal. DoC wouldn't have nearly as many hoops for him to jump through to stay out of trouble.

But, that would bring the interstate compact agreement stuff in, which could complicate things.
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