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Thus far, he has been doing okay - although his wife is apparently blind from Diabetes, and is on dialysis, too.

He would certainly benefit from a lot of cash - who wouldn't?
He's had trouble finding a job - but I think it has more to do with the idea that he's 52, and other than food service has never held a job before. His resume is essentially blank. Given the competition for jobs, applying online is a waste of his time. Nobody is going to hire an ex-con with a 20 year gap in his resume unless they know him, or know someone who knows him. (I could be wrong, but I doubt it)

Still, he's been out for 3 months, which is a lot better than being in for 3 months. I'm still wondering how the parole board lets out someone without a job to go to. I know finding a job while in prison is problematic - but without adequate support from friends and family, odds of short and long term success are very poor. His wife is all but useless due to her health.

He did have a bike donated to him through a Christian ministry. He had to volunteer some community service to get it, but I'd say that's a fair deal.

But, I hope he can find a job sooner, rather than later. I'm concerned about what happens if he doesn't.
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