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Name: Jillian

Age: 45

Love One's Facility: Dodge State Prison

Time Served: 21 years

Weight: Had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago & have BALLOONED - but my baby loves it (This is him ) I now have a butt he doesn't have to try and see and I fill his arms perfectly.

# of Children: 0 - but we're leaving it in God's hands that my baby comes home sooner rather than later and then blesses us with children.

Favorite Food: Chicken - fried, baked, spitroasted, grilled, poached, BBQ'd, mexican style, italian style, chinese style, any style - you get the picture

Favourite Music: Christian (Praise & Worship/Rock/Contemporary), Classical Jazz, Country, Oldies - can't wait to slow dance with my baby all around the house.

Favourite Movie: Can't do one; these are the ones I miss most - A Man Called Peter, Facing The Giants, The Final Season, The Green Mile, The Longest Yard.

Hobbies: Reading (particularly my Bible); visiting (until Immigration denied me entry), talking and writing to my baby.

Likes: Family; anything to do with my baby; movies; the womens group at Southlands Church, Valdosta (I miss my sisters); laughing; singing; feeling God's love wrap around me and knowing that it's going to be OK.

Dislikes: GA prisons and legislation; Immigration at Atlanta Airport; Attorneys.

Favorite color: Red.
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