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Well, DMV was wrong. It is a lifetime suspension if he got a 245 w/car. However, dealing with DMV is very much a factor of who you are talking to. Remember that name, and try to get a valid CDL.
Anther possibility is that the court clerk didn't report the crime to DMV as auto related, and the suspension has to do with other factors.
You may want to go to your local law library and see if they have the DMV Manual. It'd help if you can get a copy of his DMV print out (which shows the reason for suspensions).

Originally Posted by bincita View Post
I called the DMV and they told me it was only 3 years. I specifically told them the exact law and everything. They said after 3 years he could apply for his license back. Could there have been a change? I told the guy I was talking to that I had heard it was a lifetime suspension. He said it was a 3 year revocation. He looked it up and everything and read it to me. What is the difference? I am more confused now than ever!
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