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Originally Posted by tee4candle View Post
My husband has been locked up in Kettle Morriane Prison since July of 2011. I used to make the trip every week til it got to be too much on me financially. I can say I feel helpless at times. I put money on the phone just to hear his voice, and I have spend every one of our anniversaries away from him since he has been locked up. The visit up there can be beautiful during the spring, however the roads get exceptionally slick in the winter. If you need any advice, please feel free to ask. Been at this now for 3 years.
Thank you so much, tee4candle, for the offer of any advice, it means a lot. And I'm so sorry that you aren't able to visit as often as you'd like or to spend your anniversaries together, that must be so hard. As it's about 2 hours away from me, I can certainly understand the financial strain it can cause. I can usually manage a visit once every 3 weeks (2 if I'm lucky), but as I don't have the means to go there as often as I'd like, the feeling of helplessness can be frustrating. I was approved to be on his visitors list and started going to see him when the weather was getting better, but as it's so far away from everything, it does make me worried to think what the winter months will be like. For the time being, I'll just enjoy the fact that the weather can only get nicer from here, and getting to see all the nature out there is really nice right now. Hang in there, and even though you don't get to see him as often as you'd like, I'm sure it makes the times you DO get to go see him all the sweeter.
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