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Originally Posted by PolkaDotKimmy View Post
Is he in Upstate box or cadre? Box is pretty crazy. They are extremely strict about clothes and getting through the metal detector. It's very sensitive so it's almost best to just wear sweats. If the buttons on your jeans go off, they will make you change, instead of most places that would just wand you and let you go. Majority of visits are with them behind the cage. If he just got there, he will be shackled too. There is a little slot to slide food through for them. You can kiss through the cage too when they get there and when you leave. I've also done the non-contact visits there which is when they are behind glass and there's no food slot. They just bring him a boxed meal at lunch time. You have to talk into a little metal speaker in which you can barely hear each other. We'd end up sitting on the counter so we could put our ears right up to it. The COs were cool with us doing that.
Why is box crazy? IDK what he's in yet... If he was given 60 days box wouldn't he be in the box there? Seems pretty stupid to send him there for 60 days...
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