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Originally Posted by omgjulesy0 View Post
How long are the visits?
They start processing box visits at 9 (they start the cadre at 8:30). They usually last until about 3. It can take them a while to come down because they will come down in rather large groups. It's crazy though because they are just treated like animals there. They have to wait until they are asked to go to the bathroom and when they are allowed, they have to walk backwards out of the cage with their hands behind their backs. Just some of the things my husband told me about his time in there, makes me wonder how people can get through it...especially if the bunky is crazy too. My husband's would steal his toilet paper while he was in visits and flush it all down the toilet, among other crazy little things like that. He's been to the box at Midstate, Southport, and Collins and would have went back to any of those instead of being at Upstate. (yes my husband had a really bad couple years and hit them all up :-( ).

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