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My husband is awaiting transfer to Dodge County for the intake/assessment and ultimate placing process. From what I've gathered, it will be 5 days before he is allowed to call me, and can make 3 phone calls a week after that.. ?? Everything I have gathered in terms of information, has been contradicting, or unsure, etc. I'm so overwhelmed, and devastated - as is he. Please God, HELP US. I can't possibly imagine the next 12 mnths without my husband, and our boys without their dad. I want to do any and everything I possibly can to help him, and be there for him - every, single step of the way. Please, please help. I'm trying to obtain as much info as I can about the entire process from this point on - with as much detail as possible. I'm doing my best for our kids, but I am severely struggling. The man I have spent every moment with for the last 7 years, was taken from me - and suddenly. When he began crying, and getting cuffed - my God. He has been strong for us, but I don't think he's handling it as well as he leads on. Please help, as much as you can. I can't possibly explain the appreciation I have if you do/can help. Is there any way to get some sort of idea of which prison(s) he may get sent to? We are located in Wild Rose, WI. Thanks in advance!
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