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Originally Posted by MrsCody_2011 View Post
My husband is awaiting transfer to Dodge County for the intake/assessment and ultimate placing process. From what I've gathered, it will be 5 days before he is allowed to call me, and can make 3 phone calls a week after that.. ?? Everything I have gathered in terms of information, has been contradicting, or unsure, etc. I'm so overwhelmed, and devastated - as is he. Please God, HELP US. I can't possibly imagine the next 12 mnths without my husband, and our boys without their dad. I want to do any and everything I possibly can to help him, and be there for him - every, single step of the way. Please, please help. I'm trying to obtain as much info as I can about the entire process from this point on - with as much detail as possible. I'm doing my best for our kids, but I am severely struggling. The man I have spent every moment with for the last 7 years, was taken from me - and suddenly. When he began crying, and getting cuffed - my God. He has been strong for us, but I don't think he's handling it as well as he leads on. Please help, as much as you can. I can't possibly explain the appreciation I have if you do/can help. Is there any way to get some sort of idea of which prison(s) he may get sent to? We are located in Wild Rose, WI. Thanks in advance!
First of all, take a deep breath - you are going to make it through this and so is your husband. I know it may not seem like it right now, but things will get better. His time at county awaiting transfer to Dodge and then his time at Dodge awaiting transfer to his "home" facility are the most difficult because it is a time of uncertainty. Once he is at his "home" facility he will settle into a routine and things will be easier for all of you.

It will take 3-5 days (it all depends upon when he is transferred from the county jail to Dodge) for him to get through the initial intake and to be able to call you. As soon as he has a DOC id number be sure you setup a phone account. All Wisconsin State Prisons use Securus for phone calls. You can check the DOC website for his id number. During his time at Dodge he will go through a medical, dental, eye and psychological evaluation. He will be assigned a case worker who will go over any required programs and also ask him his top three choices for facility placement. His charge will determine the level of facility he can go to - minimum, medium, max or super max. Obviously if he only has one year to serve he didn't do anything that warrants his placement in a max or super max facility. I am assuming that you are going to want to visit so you may want to look at the facilities closet to your home. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees he will be placed in any of the facilities he lists, but it can and does happen.

Once your husband is through the initial intake time (3-5 days on average) at Dodge, he will be able to sign up for phone calls, visit the library, sign up for Bible study, participate in rec, etc... I would strongly suggest that he do as much as possible - it helps the time pass more quickly.

While he awaits a transfer to his "home" facility, he will either remain in a cell (typically a two person arrangement - sometimes more depending upon crowding) or he could be moved to the barracks. The barracks are considered a privilege. It's basically a large open room lined with bunk beds. There is a day room with a tv and phones, bathrooms and showers. The nice thing about the barracks is that there is no limit on the number of phone calls he can make and he can shower whenever the showers are open. Plus, there is a tv in the day room which helps to pass the time.

If he plans on purchasing anything through canteen (he will want to purchase toiletries and can also purchase food items to supplement meals) you should put money on his account ASAP. You can find out the details on how to do this on the DOC page for Dodge.

As soon as he is transferred to Dodge - again you can watch the DOC website to see when he shows up on their page - you can start writing him letters. Mail is a big deal for them! I am not sure how old your boys are, but have them draw him pictures or write him letters too. It will be important for him and for all of you to keep him as connected as possible to what is going on at home. If he likes to do crossword or other kinds of puzzles you can print them off online and mail them to him. You cannot mail him anything you cut out of a magazine or newspaper, but you can print things from online or photocopy things from the newspaper or magazines and send them to him.

Again, this is the most difficult time in the process. It will get better!

If you plan on visiting be sure to have him mail you the visitor forms ASAP. He will receive them during his orientation at Dodge. They tend to process them fairly quickly at Dodge, so even if you don't plan on visiting him there - get approved right away because that approval will be in place for any facility.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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