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Originally Posted by Sunnielg View Post
Thank you for your response. This is pretty much what we were thinking (that he is sol). Honestly, I wrote more than one letter to the judge about her, I called the her supervisor and his supervisor, and it was more than just him. I'll pass this info and the cases you mentioned on to him and see what he wants to do. Again, Thanks!
You canít do dick when it comes to somebody else's representation. He had to do everything.

Judge was informed. Most judges will look at this stuff and question the attorney directly or indirectly, but that doesnít mean that the Defendant is actually challenging the representation. He had to do it. It was his representation. The onus was totally on him. Same with the PD's office - you cannot dictate anything. Only the client can actually make a complaint that will get traction, challenge the representation, or even fire the PD.

And again, just because there was misconduct in one case does not mean there was miscoduct in all cases. Each defendant would have to prove that the attorney made errors and that the defendant was substantially prejudiced by those errors such that the outcome would have been substantially different.
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