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Hi Friends! Because of the recent coverage of #HB2270 and Rep. John Allen's delay in hearing the bill in the House Judiciary Committee, many of you have asked if the bill is "dead". The short answer is NO!

Keep doing everything you're doing to put pressure on Rep. Allen and Speaker Bowers! Keep showing up in public spaces to amplify your voices.

What you've read doesn't tell the full story of what's happening behind the scenes. Just yesterday, Rep. Blackman -- the sponsor of HB2270 -- wrote this to a constituent:

"I look to you and many others to petition the Republican majority leadership -- including the Speaker, the Majority leader, and the Whip -- and urge them that the hearing of this most important bill is essential and necessary."

Keep fighting! #WEGOTTHIS!

I’m sure we have all written and called already- maybe we can plan a meet up at the capitol as another way to get our voices heard? If anyone has ideas or Is willing let me know. It is important for them to hear this bill!
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