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Default I am so sorry about your uncle

Originally Posted by Itshardtowait View Post
...he was attacked by several unidentifiable men, and doused in gasoline and burned alive. His name was Olin Lafferty, his mama and my dad sat in the ICU with him, he died soon after never regaining consciousness...
That is horrifying, HardToWait. There are many in Missouri even now who would do anything—or avoid anything—to not bring those bad days to the daylight they deserve. I have written to officials, social workers, academics, reporters, so many others. Trying to get info, attention paid to those events. I have been helped a little, stonewalled, and ignored. Most of all, ignored. I welcome ANYONE who can engage with me on those events, from any perspective. Someday, I hope, we will see those boys get the justice they deserve, the respect for what they endured. And it is not too late for the staff and guards to be called into court, one or way or another, if only the court of public opinion.
Rwanda had public hearings and murderers stepped forward, made amends, and that was public rioting, utter breakdown. We can't even bring those men (and women) to a public reckoning for what they admitted to in the freaking press, at the time.
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